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Our Journey

Jane (Mullins) and Amanda (Hatfield) are a Mother-Daughter business, which officially began in 2007, when Jane retired from teaching.  They decided to create Sacred Journeys Wellness Center, as a joint venture, after Amanda created her massage therapy practice in 2003.

But their journey began much earlier than that! 

In fact, their journey of learning about the integrated body, mind, and soul connection began when Jane's father had a massive stroke in 1983.  

It started them both on a Sacred Journey of reflections of childhood conditioning, thought patterns, beliefs, and true understanding of how the physical body is often a reflection of our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

We invite you into those reflections below...

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Jane Mullins

Born 5th Of 6 Children To Farming Family

Not Speak Until Age 4

Struggle To Be Seen And Heard

Introverted Hermit

Explore Her Journey

Amanda Hatfield

Fear of the Unknown, the Past, and Uncertain Future

Feeling Inadequate and Not Good Enough

Difficulty Processing Emotions and Empathic

Compromising to Please Others

Challenges of Worth in Relationships

Diagnosed with Scoliosis and Infertility

Explore Her Journey
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