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The Power of Possibilities

The Power of Possibilites hold multiple paths of healing and transformation. 

Our bodies have an inner compass and an innate wisdom of which direction to go.  

Take a deep breath and answer the following questions to see which path you are guided to take.


Core Healing

Do you have a condition that just won't go away?

Are you filled with anger, frustration, or bitterness?

Does life feel like a struggle?

Do you feel like you are at a crossroads? 

Have you tried everything

and keep getting the same results?


Unwinding Process

Do you have a physical pain that just popped up?

Are you experiencing stress and anxiety?

Is there a place in your body where you hold it?

Are you stuck in your mind more than your body?

Do you feel ungrounded or out of alignment?


Group Classes

Do you enjoy Self Development?

Are you looking for various Self Care techniques?

Do you want to explore Self Healing modalities?

Are you searching for a like-minded Community?

Do you need Support on Your Sacred Journey?

B.C. - Brookville, OH

"Sacred Journeys Wellness Center provides an array of services in a very safe environment. Jane and Amanda are wonderful guides in your journey of relaxation, as well as helping you to get familiar with your internal landscape... healing is within your reach!" 

 P.C. - Oakwood, OH

"Jane's work with Reiki and Color Light Therapy have been helpful in reducing my pain and increasing my mobility. I am astounded by the time and dedication Jane gives to each of her patients, and I feel like the treatments I receive are tailored to my exact needs!"

S.E. & D.S. - Cornville, AZ

"Our experience to Sacred Journeys was a beautifully welcomed one. From our first step out of the car to our goodbyes, the experience felt like home. The land has a sacredness to it that when one walks it, you can feel the earth connection through your feet and in your bones. You can't help but want to stay with the sacred medicine wheel which was alive and full of ancient wisdom. The labyrinth in its geometric design has a lot to offer as you walk through the sacred lines. The center itself has a peaceful living space that you feel safe and honored to do any healing you have come to this blessed place for. The bodywork we received was intuitive and excellent, as well as the hospitality from Amanda, Jane, & Rod, was second to none. It felt like time had stopped and I had nowhere to be but at this one place to take care of myself."

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