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Amanda's Sacred Journey

How would I define a "Sacred Journey?" I believe God sends us to "Earth School" with a mission, or purpose, that we fulfill through "life lessons" and experiences. The Journey is the path we take of learning and exploring...and the Sacredness is how precious I see it!


Sometimes it feels like a struggle and we may take a detour or two, but each experience is a Seed of Awakening and Growing.

Here are my "Mile Markers" and the Seeds that were planted.


I was 4 years old when my maternal grandfather, a hard-working farmer, had a massive stroke. They didn't think he was going to survive, yet alone walk again. Determined, he explored complementary holistic therapies, such as reflexology, to assist his mind and body healing.

SEED: My first experience watching someone heal themselves. I became fascinated with mimicking the therapists and trying to make grandpa feel better. It was also about the time when I first began to notice I could feel what other's were feeling.



As an only child, my parents decide to divorce and my mother, an educator, gets full custody of me, while my father continues his Naval career.

​SEED: Wasn't sure how to emotionally process this. Since my father traveled in the Navy, the family unit would be fractured off and on. I struggled to understand who, or what "tribe", I "belonged" to. Yet, my mother surrounded us with a strong community of wise elders, who always loved to share stories. This would later become a love for genealogy and ancestral healing.



Both of my parents remarry. My every other weekend visitation with my military father change to once or twice a year, depending on where he was stationed. I also adjust to having step siblings.

​SEED: Here is where I start living more in my head versus my body. I struggled to understand what I was feeling... confusion, unworthiness, frustration, uncertainty... not feeling like I could feel or express because I didn't want to disappoint or hurt my parent's feelings. This conflict of emotional turmoil manifested in anxiety, digestive issues, shutting down my own emotions, and a strong need to people please. I continue to battle compromising to please others and my fear of inadequacy (Conscious Connective Coaching and Human Design/Gene Keys helps this!)



Start a new school in a neighboring town, after my mother accepted a new teaching position a few years prior.

SEED: I become an extreme introvert in these new surroundings. I do not know how to make new friends and discern their expectations of me. I struggled to fit in as I was very studious, with my glasses and acne, and sometimes called a “brownie” (a nickname for someone who is smart and often knows the answers when asked.) I found comfort in the classroom because at recess, I was often alienated when other kids refused to play with me. While I strove to be recognized, seeking love through positive affirmation and good grades, I found myself “playing dumb” in front of others to not stand out. It was also this time, my mother enrolls me in a local dance studio to help me make new friends. I discover a love of moving my body to music and finally a way to get out of my head!



My father gets stationed in Hawaii and I am diagnosed with Scoliosis.

SEED: About this time, my father gets stationed in Hawaii and I am told that I am “not independent enough” because I would not fly, by myself, to visit him. Of course, this was more directed at my mother, but once again, I internalized it. I began yearly visits to monitor the curvature of my spine (located around the back of my heart) at the Air Force Base. Because I had already passed my growth spurt and the only ‘solution’ was surgery or ‘just live with it’… I choose the later and still live with it to this day. Scoliosis in often associated with "feeling unsafe to share or reveal true feelings, constant self criticism, perfectionism because nothing is ever good enough," and more.  I learned how the body can internalize emotional turmoil.



Enter high school (with braces and contacts) and join the marching/concert band, basketball/competition dance squad, and accept an invitation to the National Honor Society.

SEED: Our band was very disciplined and was known around the region for their excellent rating in competitions. The dance squad had a good reputation as well when we won 1st place in our prop category at the state competition my freshman year. All of this gave me full confidence after graduation to choreograph and teach country line and partner dancing for 15 years. I found a way to process my emotions through music and dancing. Oh... and all those years of pretending to be dumb paid off when I was asked to join the National Honor Society because of my good grades?!



Land my first job as a library aid (someone who shelves the books) for a branch of Dayton Metro Library.

SEED: I ended up staying for 13 years with the library system, working 4 of those as a library aide, 1 in the community relations department, and ending the last 8 years as a Library Technical Assistant (someone who processes materials at the front circulation desk.) This is where I built my investigating and research skills, learning and exploring various resources, and also where I started suffering from migraines and headaches. Migraines and headaches can be associated with physical shifts during menstrual cycle, but they can also be associated with "control, pressure, perfectionism, overcommitting oneself, seeking approval from others," and more.



Attend my first Reiki and Healing Touch classes.

SEED: The first time I learned about the subtle energies of the physical body, I finally understood what I had experienced most of my childhood. I learned how in tune I was, sensing what others felt. I learned how dis-ease begins on the emotional and mental planes first, which was fascinating! I continued with learning, eventually becoming a Reiki Master and Instructor.



Graduate and obtain my license in Massage Therapy by the State Medical Board of Ohio, as well as obtained my national certification by the National Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

SEED: Having attending college and receiving an Associates, I decide to switch to Massage Therapy. Studying the human body, learning all of the muscles, nerves, bones, etc… I learned how Divinely magical and perfectly made the body really is and how it is another tool for helping people feel better. I boldly start my own business!



My mother retires from teaching and we create “Sacred Journeys”… plus a few “break ups!”

SEED: Jane is a gifted “awakener” by Design, who discovers new modalities of self-improvement and healing. Usually being ahead of her time and being able to see the whole picture, it takes me awhile to take her advice and wisdom. This partnership both challenges and strengthens our mother-daughter Journey!

It is also during this time that I hit my first Saturn Return… a time of relationships being tested and significant endings and beginnings. In less than 24 months, all while building my business, I quit the library, have a brief side massage job at a day spa followed by a brief side job as a chiropractic assistant, and then finally end a serious relationship with someone who wasn’t fully supportive of my dreams and aspirations (LOTS of lessons there!)



Manifest and marry Mr. Right at the age of 33.

SEED: After many relationships of seeking acceptance and love from someone else, I discover it begins with me. I spent time by myself getting to know me and decide to make a list of who I wanted to come into my life. I asked God to "bring this person or whoever was for my highest good". As the saying goes, when you least expect it!



Take my first certification class in Human Design and begin exploring deeper with Gene Keys.

SEED: LIFE CHANGING! I begin to discover my true, authentic self. I learn my purpose in service to others, who and how to effectively interact with others, my role in the collective, how to digest food and life with ease, the best way to exercise and sleep for optimal health, the gifts I am to spend my energy on and share with others, how to “commit” to the correct people and experiences, and so much more! Being a 1/3 profile (investigator/experimenter) with a prominent Gate 48, I have learned from Ra Uru Hu (Jovian), Richard Rudd, Karen Curry, Kim Gould, Christie Inge, Bella Crystal and Ashley Nicole, and a bookcase FULL of resources from others! I love exploring and teaching this wisdom to others!



Begin our Fertility Journey.

SEED: After 20 failed IUI procedures, 1 miscarriage from natural conception, and 1 failed IVF, we decide to “Let Go, Let God.” I learned that there are many doctors who wish to get you pregnant and think they have the tools, but most do not empower the couple. What does that mean? They can run tests and do expensive procedures. A few have handed out a paper or two on recommended supplements, nutrition, removal of toxins, etc… but none ever offered HOW to do so. I turned to my researching tools and became my own healthcare advocate!



Massive EF4 tornado hits Sacred Journeys.

SEED: When I got the text and call from Jane, my body went into shock, shaking and getting extremely cold. Luckily, I knew what was going on, based on my years of expertise, and was able to move the energy through me. We spent the next several days, weeks, months, and eventually years, clearing and rebuilding. Although this experience had elements of devastation, it twisted our perceptions and we saw many miracles and blessings!  I credit the values and strength of my ancestors and our faith for clearing the way for more light and wisdom to Sacred Journeys! 



Added CranioSacral Therapy (SomatoEmotional Release) to my toolbox (and lose 50 lbs.)

SEED: I learned beginner CranioSacral Therapy in massage therapy school in 2003, but was not able to afford the education and certification at the time. Thanks to a global pandemic and an unexpected unemployment experience, I reinvested that money back into my business and eventually obtained my certification (CST-T) through the prestigious Upledger Institute. I have continued taking their courses and love learning the wisdom of the body for self healing!

My husband and I also began a weight loss journey. We dove into an educational program that focused on real food, water, and sleep. We both lost 50 lbs and have continued to maintain our focus on healthy living. I am learning to listen to the wisdom of my own body and how to effectively read food and personal care labels.



Honoring my gifts and stepping into my purpose.

SEED: As I am entering my Uranus Opposition and being forced to question my perceptions of life (my self-worth, my life goals, and my purpose… aka the “mid-life crisis”), I am reflecting on where I have been, the gifts and lessons from my "sufferings", and how all of this can be of service to others on my Sacred Journey!

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