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Sacred Journeys Wellness Center Dayton Brookville Ohio

We Believe You Have
The Power To Heal Yourself

There Are Many Possible Paths of Healing!

Which Direction Do You Want To Go?

Our Perfectly Designed Bodies Hold Innate Wisdom!  

This Healing Wisdom Speaks To Us,

Telling Us What It NEEDS For Nourishment

and WHAT Needs To Be Released

But We Are Often Too Busy To Notice.

We forget HOW to Listen to this Divine Wisdom when our physical bodies ache from carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders and from riding an emotional roller coaster of mental stress and anxiety.

Our spark can dim and we can loose sight of our path.
We are here to be your Guides of Self Discovery*.
Where the Power of Possibilities can reveal what is holding you back from healing and how to awaken a new life of peace and prosperity!

Amanda Hatfield, Jane Mullins, Sacred Journeys Wellness Center
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