Sacred Journeys Wellness Center...

Sacred Journeys Wellness Center Enhances Your Inner Radiance through Classes, Retreats, and Services, such as Massage Therapy, Reflexology,
Life Coaching, Color Light Therapy, Reiki/Healing Touch, Human Design/Gene Keys, Medicinal Aromatherapy.
We have proudly served the Brookville and local Dayton area, as well as clients over the United States and other Countries, since 2003.

Retail Therapy

Surprise that special someone with a GIFT CERTIFICATE to enhance their inner radiance!
Gift Certificates can by purchased by service or monetary value at your next scheduled visit by cash, check, or credit card (additional fees apply).
Purchases can be made over the phone via credit card, with the certificate being mailed to the recipient. Call or email for purchasing inquiries.
Panache Desai, Tiffany Tatum, John Dumas, Meditation CDs

Audio CDs
We offer a small collection of audio CDs, available for purchase, that we use in our sessions, including guided meditations. These fine artists have become our personal friends!

Relaxation Music
Need to get away and unwind in your sacred space? We offer relaxation CDs featuring the following artists and musicians:  Panache Desai, Kathy Landry, Douglas Blue Feather, John Dumas, and more.

Inspirational, Self Help Books

Be inspired and guided with such best-selling authors, including Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, Rhonda Byrne, Carla Reeves, and more.

Sage, Smudging, and Ceremonial Tools

Indulge the Spirit Essentials
Clear, cleanse, release, and balance! Use these products to bring harmony and peace. Featuring bath salts, creams lotions, candles, ceremonial oils and tinctures, sage and other herbal smudge bundles.

Wisdom of the Earth Essences

Wild-crafted or bio-dynamically farmed (in accordance with the natural rhythms of the Earth,) Wisdom of the Earth has a personal relationship with the plants, flowers, and trees.  

They offer pure, powerful, single essences honoring the healing properties of the individual plant, flower, or tree. 

They do not offer blends, as their approach is to teach clients to layer individual, non-diluted essences on the skin, allowing them to work in synergy with the body's own intelligence.  To further enhance their natural high vibrational energy, Wisdom of the Earth hand-pours every essence with loving intent.  

Price range:  $18 and up.

Spinning Wheels Handmade Native American Drums

Handmade Drums

Created by various animal hides including deer, horse, elk, buffalo, and moose. Each one has a unique geometric design and resonating sound. Sizes range from 13" to 17".
Price range:  $35 and up.

Pit-Fired, Native American Pottery
Perfecting a technique learned by a Native American potter over 10 years ago, Rod burnishes each piece with a river stone, then fires the pieces in a hand-dug pit at the center and left 24 hours. Each piece is uniquely different, depending on the fire.
Price range:  $10 and up.
Spinning Wheels Offering Plates
Offering Plates and Incense Burners
These servers are perfect for candles, jewelry, business cars, or whatever you wish to illuminate and our incense burners are works of art that can be displayed all the time!
Price range:  $15 and up.
Spinning Wheels Tree Spirits

Tree Spirits

Have you ever heard the trees whisper? Display these unique spirits to bring nature indoors!
Price range:  $15 and up.

Spinning Wheels Faces of the Soul

Faces of the Soul

These pieces come in different colors and styles, featuring a peaceful face. Display in you sacred space as a reminder that you are always watched over.
Price range:  $20 and up.
Ceremonial Attunement Bells 
Created from miscellaneous farm equipment, high pressure tanks, and copper and other metals, these bells resonate harmony to your sacred space. Each has a different sound and design.

Price range:  $295 and up.